& Service


Northside Music has the experience and expertise to move your piano with the care that it deserves. Our certified moving specialists will baby your precious instrument for you. We can move an instrument across the room, around the house, down the block, or across the country. We have trucks specially modified to move pianos without damaging them.

Call us today, whether you need the instrument moved to put in new carpet or are moving a greater distance. We often travel outside of our Lafayette and Kokomo regions, traveling all across Indiana and throughout the U.S. If you have questions on what areas we cover, don’t hesitate to ask.

Don't move an instrument yourself, let us move it for you!

Tuning & Service

Northside Music performs a variety of in-home services. The most common service we provide is piano tuning, but this also extends to a host of other services: piano voicing, replacing broken strings, minor case touch up, minor organ repair, key top replacements, castor replacements, clunky or noisey pedals, and many more.

No matter what your instrument needs, Northside music has the tools and experience to get the job done right. While larger projects often must be brought back to our workshop, you'd be surprised what can be done completely within your home! Give us a call to find out what we can do for you.

Restoration Services

In general, grand pianos are completely restored at well below their replacement cost and yield an instrument competitive with contemporary pianos. Upright pianos, though many are excellent quality instruments, often include very developed "period antique" cases that identify them as having a special, unique personality. Player pianos are dominated by the player systems, though the greatest variance in these instruments is the quality and condition of the piano underneath the player. Reed organs, though often traded for their antique cabinets, are less expensive to re-manufacture and, once done, are very durable as compared with most contemporary musical instruments.


Northside Music offers appraisals on instruments for both insurance purposes and custom restoration work. Access to custom restoration services is made only through a system of appraisals and proposals. This would entail a thorough assessment of the original instrument design, specific parts and labor costs, warranty, time, and shipping details. We are happy to offer restoration services to not only our local market, but also throughout the entire U.S. We regularly restore pianos from California and Florida, so no distance is too far.